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Familias Anfitrionas. Participa como Familia Anfitriona del colegio de tus hijos. Conoce la cultura Britànica, aprende inglès de primera mano y desde casa.

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Join us and teach in public schools every week. Programmes will reopen in 2022.


Schools' students have improved their English with us in a real English speaking class environment


Partner schools across the country where VolunTeach Peru delivers educational programmes.


Anglophone teachers, interns and volunteers recruited in top universities in  the UK over the years.


Years of meaningful experience in the English Language Teaching field and organizing educational and experiences in Peru.


Peruvian Teachers of English have the opportunity to share their classes with native speakers, every year.




This programme improved my Spanish, my teaching ability and helped me learn so much about the Peruvian culture. I became extremely appreciative of having grown up speaking English, as so many of the young children desired to speak English fluently, and with a British accent!

Having just finished my year abroad I can definitely say this was the best thing I did. The two months I spent in Lima flew by and I was extremely sad to leave my host family and the school. Not only was it valuable as a teaching experience but my Spanish improved greatly and by the end I felt I was saying goodbye to a second family who I am sure I will see again.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the programme to anyone considering it as a Year Abroad or post-graduate placement. Having felt a bit rusty with my Spanish after spending my Year Abroad. It is a fantastic way to experience teaching English in schools, but also a fantastic opportunity to make life-long friends and explore Peru.

I would recommend VTP to anyone studying Spanish for their degree. My Spanish has improved substantially and Peru is such an amazing country. I wouldn’t say you need teaching experience but maybe a slight passion for teaching would help.

VolunTeach Peru is a remarkable organisation. It creates real educational opportunities for Peruvian students, and allows the British participants to gain valuable experience in their roles as teaching assistants, whilst nurturing and supporting us.

Sabrina Cowgill, Cambridge University

Alice Oldfield, University of Sheffield

Liddy Buswell, Newcastle University

Jemma Hoolahan, University of Edinburgh

Educationally, the programme provided the invaluable experience of working in a range of different schools in both the public and private sector, and I taught students from the ages of 2 up to 16. This was both professionally and personally enlightening.

Alice Lockhart, University of Nottingham

.The opportunity to live with Peruvians allowed me to improve my language skills and be part of their world.  I did days out with them and I also had the opportunity to try a wide variety of typical Peruvian foods from Ceviche to Cuy! 

It was one of the most incredible experiences thus far in my life and I learnt so many valuable lessons. It offered me the opportunity to be immersed in another culture and gain experience teaching. The scheme is incredibly well organised and VTP is always there if support is needed.

I found it incredibly rewarding to have been able to make a positive impact in the English classroom and to meet some inspiring children and teachers. This programme is amazing way to be completely immersed in a new and exciting culture through the host schools and families.

1000000% it opens your mind so much more and you learn things about the world and yourself that you never knew. Living with the families was by far the best part.

Lilah Hughes, University of Bristol

Freya Allery, Oxford University

Sarah Blohm, University of Liverpool

Kathryn Yates, Durham University

Matt Harrison, Oxford University 

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