"Our aim is to make your experience unforgettable and meaningful for students and teachers in schools".

The small registration and programme fee allows VolunTeach Peru to deliver  THIS SCHEME  at no cost to the partner schools. The fee structure is fair and responsible. we organize a rewarding, unforgettable IMMERSION AND CULTURAL EXCHANGE experience to the volunteer WHILST WE PROVIDE an educational impact in schooLS WITHIN STUDENTS AND PERUVIAN TEACHERS OF ENGLISH.  Fee varies on to the duration of each programme. 

Programme Fee

  • US$50 Application Fee: To register the student's participation in the programme. It is only requested when the application is announced successful. It is non-refundable.

  • Programme Fee: One off-payment 2-3 months before the candidate's arrival in Peru.

  • Programme fee covers within other services, the host family(s) recruitment who will provide the volunteer meals and board from start to end, as well as love and support in a real family environment.

  • Independent option [no host family recruitment]: One off payment of USD$180.  VolunTeach Peru is happy to provide accommodation advice.

  • Government taxes are included.

  • Due to the great depreciation of the British pound, fees are indicated in US$ Dollars. Check on www.xe.com for accurate exchange rates.

1 MONTH - USD$530 That is GBR£430 approx.

2 MONTHS - USD$620 That is GBR£490 approx. OR  £245 each month

3 MONTHS  -USD$720 That is GBR£570 approx. OR £170 each month.

4-5 MONTHS -I USD$820 That is GBR£670 OR £167 each month.


  •     20% The recruitment of a Host Family(s): It involves travelling to the partner schools (flights, accommodation) and time for informations sessions, interviews, regular coordinations and monitoring.

  • 5% Charity Teaching Projects: Resources and transport and administration for Pamplona Alta and Tupac Amaru School Projects.

  • 8% Teachers Trainings: Peruvian teachers are trained to work with teaching assistants in class.

  • 6% Marketing costs: At universities abroad (including ambassadors) and in schools in Peru. 

  • 4% Liability Insurance: Mandatory by universities abroad to allow their students volunteer overseas.

  • 4% Accountancy and Legal services: monthly flat payments.

  • 20% Salaries: Coordination of programmes with participants, schools teachers and host families involve full time and partial paid work

  • 14.5 Others: Welcome tour and 2 nights of accommodation in Lima, In-service training, airport transfers, office supplies, telephone, internet, rent of meeting room, etc.

  • 0.5% Transfer commission: Money is charged when payment is received. 

  • 18% Government taxes: VTP is legally registered and regulated by SUNAT, Tax Administration Office in Peru.    

a) The Application Fee  is non-refundable.
b) If the candidate cancels their participation after having received the Information Pack: Host Family(s) and School(s) confirmation and paid both the Application and Program Fees, a refund of the Program Fee will be issued minus  a cancellation charge (please see individual program description for amount).  
  • 1 month/5 weeks  Programme: 20% refund
  • 2 months Programme: 25% refund
  • 3 months Programme: 25% refund
  • 4 months Programme: 30% refund
c) In the rare event that the candidate terminates or abandons the program with no apparent reason, Program Fee is non-refundable.
d) In the case that the candidate cancels their participation having been previously informed by VolunTeach Peru that their programme arrangements have been finished, a payment order for 20% of the Programme Fee will be requested. This will help the organisation to cover the administration costs and use of resources for the selection process and during programme arrangements, minimally.
e) If VolunTeach Peru cancels the candidate's participation in the programme due to a serious misconduct, note that the Program Fee is non-refundable. 
f) In the rare instance of a visa denial, candidates must supply VolunTeach Peru within the proof of the visa denial. A refund of the Program Fee will be issued minus a cancellation charge(see above).

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