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PERU IS THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, HEREBY A LIST OF THE POPULAR PLACES YOU CANNOT MISS! Cusco: The historical centre, Inca empire of Machu Picchu, Rainbow Mountain | Ica: National Reserve of Paracas & Huacachina, Nazca lines | Arequipa: Historical centre, Colca Canyon | Puno: The floating Islands | Huaraz: Reserva Nacional del Huascaràn and stunning lagoons | Piura:  Máncora, Órganos, Cabo Blanco for sunny weather and nice beaches| Tumbes: Punta Sal, Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary | Iquitos: Amazon and jungle adventures | Chachapoyas: The Inka Empire of Kuelap AND MANY MORE...
  • Capital: Lima
  • ​International airports: Lima, Cusco.
  • Population: 32 million.
  • Languages: Spanish is the official language. Quechua and Aymara are the most popular indigenous ones.
  • Religions: Catholicism features prominently. Small population of Christians, Evangelic and other religions also live in Peru.
  • Life expectancy: 75 years old
  • Ethnicity: Amerindian, mestizo
  • Bordering countries: Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia
  • Regions: COAST, ANDES, AMAZON. Peru is divided in 25 regions, including Lima and Callao.
  • Currency: Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN [ for currency exchange rates]
  • Industries: Mining and refining minerals, petroleum extraction, natural gas, textiles, etc.
  • Labour force: 17,2157 (INEI, 2017).
  • Peruvian Minimum Wage: 950 PEN.
Peru has 28 out of the 32 microclimates  in the world. They vary widely, ranging from tropical weather in the Amazon jungle to extremely cold in the highest mountains of the Andes. Whilst the coast region can get hot and warm between the months of December and March, it may be sunny but cold in the highlands followed by a strong dry between June and November. Jungle weather is regularly tropical and humid along the year, although rainy season could get intense from December through March.


Vaccinations: Although we always recommend to see a doctor for professional advice, we recognize Hepatitis, Yellow fever injections might be required for coming to Peru.

Visa: USA and European countries do not require a visa for Peru. Check your country's consulate for accurate information on visas. Tourist are allowed to stay in Peru for up to 180 days.

Booking flights: We recommend that flights are booked as early as possible for better and cheaper prices. We recommend Expedia and Skyscanner for a wide options list for flights to Peru. Price for return flights may range between USD$870 and USD$1,200.

Internet: Internet is accessible in Peru. Free Wi-Fi is usually opened in restaurants, hotels or shops.

Phones: Buying a sim-card is also accessible in Peru. Claro, Movistar, Bitel are the main phone careers. Social networks are usually offered for free when buying an internet/phone plan.

Transport: Local transport is available in all cities in Peru. For traveling by bus, we recommend Cruz del Sur and Oltursa companies. For cheap flights, Viva Air, Peruvian Airlines or Star Peru. For taxis, mobile apps are available for taxi services: Uber, Cabify, Easy Taxi.


Although the Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN is our currency, USD Dollars may be also accepted in big shops, supermarkets, restaurants and banks. VISA, Amex, Mastercard are also popular here. We have listed estimated travel costs in PEN Soles. USD$1.00 = PEN3,20. For accurate exchange rates visit:

  • Local public transport fares: PEN 1.00 to PEN 3.00

  • Long distance transport: PEN 50.00 to PEN 140.00

  • Internal flights: USD$70 to USD$100 for return flights

  • Taxis in Lima [Uber, Cabify, Easy Taxi]: Between PEN 5.00 to PEN 25.00 [for long local distances]

  • Taxis outside of Lima: Between PEN 4.00 to PEN 10.00.

  • Airport transfers: Between PEN 25.00 and PEN 25.00 with airport shuttles [Quick Llama, Airport Express]

  • Private Taxi Airport transfer: Between PEN 50.00 and PEN 70.00


Our partner schools are located in safe and nice areas across Peru.Features of the locations vary by their weather, geography. and traditions. 

Located by the Pacific Ocean, Lima offers travelers, colonial buildings, delightful cuisine and a range of tourist places and museums to visit. Lima is the city of contrasts between modern cosmopolitan and developing areas.


The historical centre of Arequipa, so called as the "white city" due to its white stones, has been built up by the Misti volcano.

Visitors cannot miss going to  Yanahuara, climbing their snow capped mountains, the  Colca Canyon, Cotahuasi and trying the traditional "arequipeño" food.


Located in the northern highlands of Peru, Cajamarca is surrounded by a colonial architecture. It is the perfect combination for culture, nature and history.


Huaraz is the paradise for trekking and adventurous activities for travellers from all over the world. It is located  by the Cordillera de los Andes mountains up in the north-centre of Peru. It is surrounded by traditional little towns that are worth visiting. Sunny in the mornings and chill in the evenings make Huaraz a pleasant place.


Nice weather and amazing food awaits visitors in Piura and Talara. Locations hosts the best beaches destinations of Peru, ideal for surfing and relaxing days.


The colonial city of Trujillo offers pre-inca archeological historical  temples. Great beaches and nice sunny weather year round.