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Teaching programs


At VolunTeach Peru we believe English is a powerful tool to access better quality of education and work opportunities for the future.  English is the language of the world and opens doors. Here you will find information on the programs you can undertake either for the summer or your Year Abroad in Latin America.

Who are we looking for?

Working in the education sector implies that we become role models for the students in schools. As a teacher or teaching assistant, you do not only represent Volunteach Peru and your home university but also represents your culture and home country. We look for candidates who meet the following criteria:

  • Have excellent communication and innovation skills

  • Have good use of technology

  • Like to work with children and teenagers

  • Are willing to get involved in the class

  • Can motivate and inspire students to learn English

  • Have the ability to adapt to diverse learning styles

  • Have high ethical standards and values

  • Have a passion for education and teaching

The Teacher Assistant role

Licenced teachers must read the individual opportunities descriptions for accurate information on the roles required.

The role of the teaching assistant, whether this is voluntary or paid requires lots of enthusiasm, teamwork and excellent communication skills to lead the activities you will be asked to carry out. These activities are mainly oriented to enhance the speaking and listening skills as well as the cultural competency of the students in the class and on a few occasions outside of it. English teaching assistants do not teach by themselves, they work together with the Teacher of English unless they are required to work with small groups. 

  • Help the English teacher prepare the lessons

  • Help the English teacher prepare materials

  • Use games, music, online resources connected to the activities assigned

  • Students supervision in class

  • Teach English to small groups

  • Deliver presentations about the home country and culture

  • Encourage and motivate students to learn English by speaking it with you

  • Organize the English week at school

  • Attend staff meetings (when required)

  • Lead activities at the English lab

  • Occasionally go on a school field trip

VolunTeach Peru partner schools are mid-class private institutions located in safe and nice areas. As part of our commitment with the partner universities who kindly help us promote our programs and in order to provide a safe experience, the partner schools fully meet sanitary and safety standards.


The learning of English is in the top list of their priorities and goals. Consequently, VTP schools teach a wide range of hours of English weekly and sometimes teach other subjects such as Social Studies, Literature and Science using English as the first language of instruction.  Being English learning their priority, guarantees that schools will strongly appreciate our support, and enjoy sharing with our enthusiastic teaching assistants in class.

The partner schools

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