Peru needs to learn English

In 2015, the British Council launched an interesting research on English in Peru.The research has confirmed there is a major need and interest of learning English at a young age in schools, due to the range of academic and work opportunities we can open thanks to this language. This research has given VolunTeach Peru even more reasons to reassure that we must continue teaching English in schools.

Key Figures

Source: British Council Peru

  • 57% English learners in Peru studied English in secondary school, 46% during undergraduate studies and 41% in private language schools.

  • English is mandatory in secondary schools and 40% of learners learned it because they needed it to graduate from university.

  • The biggest barriers to English language learning are cost and time

  • English learners and non-learners agree that English is a tool for improving employability.

  • Private education in Peru has grown exponentially over the last two decades. Today, 40% of students from the most underprivileged districts in the Lima metropolitan area attend private schools. This is the combined result of market deregulation and a demographic expansion that has not been matched by an increase in the offer of public education.

  • English language learning opportunities exist in secondary schools, where the subject is compulsory, and some primary schools as well as at higher education level. The quality of English language teaching, as well as the small number of teaching hours means that it is difficult to master English without additional help, such as from private institutes or self-access channels.

English is the language of the world. It makes you a citizen of the world, you can use it to communicate with others, no matter what nationalities they are. It will enrich your career and increase your employability options.

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