What is included in the programme?

1. The arrangement of the placement(s) in one or two reliable host school(s)
The position is voluntary and schedule goes from Monday to Thursday from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Schools are located in safe and nice areas in the cities of Lima, Huaraz, Arequipa, Iquitos, Chiclayo, Cajamarca, Tarapoto, Huancayo and Piura.

2. The recruitment of one or two host family(s)

[Two host families are recruited for 2+ months longer programmes]

Host families are recruited in schools and carefully recruited by VolunTeach Peru. They   belong to the host schools communities and will provide you love, support and a real family environment for the time you have applied for.


They will provide you meals, accommodation and will treat you as a real member of the family. Similarly, living with a Peruvian host family will offer you the invaluable opportunity to experience the Peruvian culture first hand as well as to learn from our traditions, dances, delicious cuisine and put your Spanish into practice

Host schools are mid-class private institutions [far from private education in the UK], they teach 6-12 hours of English weekly which means they fully understand and appreciate the importance of learning English with a native speaker of the language and the cultural approach aspect for their students.

3. Liability Insurance

VolunTeach Peru pays an expensive liability insurance every year. Universities overseas strictly require Organisations and employers to hold this documentation so they can allow their students to volunteer or work for VolunTeach Peru.

4. Pre-Departure Support

You may have many questions before you arrive. Feel free to ask about every little detail you would like to know about Peru, the school, teaching tips, your Peruvian host family preferences or travel plans in South America. We usually reply messages within 24hours and sometimes instantly.

5. Regular contact with affiliated Universities abroad

We are happy to provide participants legal documentation and fill out university forms. We do this to re-assure our commitment with them and universities. When needed, we may also contact university for advice too.

6. Airport Pick-up and transfers

We welcome you at the airport in Lima and transfer you to your host family house or temporary accommodation [non-Lima] placements. 

7. Welcome tour in Lima

We organize a city tour around Lima with other participants arriving the same date as you.  We take you to the historical city centre, provide a nice lunch and visit together the tourist areas of Miraflores and Barranco. A relaxing and ideal day to meet everyone before the ELT training the day after.

8. TWO nights of accommodation in Lima

Non- Lima placements get 2 nights of free accommodation in the safe and tourist heart of Miraflores in Lima [including breakfast, lunch and transfers] during the Welcome tour and Teaching Training days.


9. Acculturation Seminar + In-Service ELT Training

It is compulsory for volunteers. We teach volunteers the good and not so good cultural aspects and facts of Peru. Pros and cons of the country and how to deal with them in the event of an emergency.


In addition, volunteers attend a 6 hours training before they can actually teach in schools. Transport, snacks and lunch are provided. Training is delivered by Mrs. Lucy Castañon, VTP Director.

10. In-country support along your stay

You are not alone. As a family run organisation, we are approachable and committed to help you anytime. We are just a phone call or an e-mail away from you.

11. The development of two charity projects thanks to your contribution 

We run two projects in public schools; Colegio Ollantay and Colegio Tupac Amaru, both located in the south of Lima. Volunteers are very welcome to join us teaching English to children and teenagers every week.


We believe English is the key to access better opportunities in life. Why not giving them the opportunity to learn the language so they can us it as an incredible tool for success for their futures!


12. One-free teaching training in host schools

They take place at the host school, either in Lima or in a different city. Peruvian teachers of English are trained to articulate their expertise with your cooperation in class and guarantee a learning impact for children in class.

14. Supervision at your host school

VTP visits partner schools once a year in all locations where the programme is run. During the visits, we deliver information sessions to potential host families, interview them, train teachers, hold meetings with the VTP Coordinators and observe classes. 

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