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VTP awarded the British Entrepreneurship of 2021, by the British Embassy to Peru USIL Ventures.

Come celebrate with us! How many years of hard work come up to our minds today, how many schools, how many projects and how many teachers and people we met along this way, in Peru and the UK. VolunTeach Peru has been our heart and mind for over 12 years. A family adventure that then became an educational entrepreneurship cooperating with 26 schools across Peru and that later on, we had to reinvent online, after the pandemic almost forced us to close it last year! We fell deeply in love with our mission and since then, all we did was to work hard, very hard. Thanks for celebrating with us, to all the volunteers, interns, universities in the UK, the partner schools, teachers and students who trusted us and helped us build this dream of education for all. From the bottom of our hearts.

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