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Hannah's online teaching experience

This week I taught my final online English speaking sessions with 8th/9th grade students.

Thank you to VolunTeach Peru for giving me this incredible opportunity. Their coordination and support has been impeccable and I would recommend their organisation to anyone looking to start their career as a TEFL teacher. This has been the most amazing experience and it has been so rewarding to learn more about Peruvian culture and make some life-long connections.

I will miss the children very much and working alongside my co-teacher, Daniel. I wish them all the best for the future. In Peru the children have missed out on over a year of in-person teaching. Yet, every week they have showed up to my speaking sessions with an unmatchable enthusiasm to learn and strengthen their English speaking skills. I am very proud of them. I am so appreciative of the lovely messages they wrote me in my final sessions.

This is certainly not the end - I look forward to visiting Peru one day to meet everyone, see the sights and try all the amazing food the children have told me about!

Hannah Shepherd

Newcastle University graduate

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