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The Teaching Assistantship Internship

Get an international teaching experience with us. Our teaching assistantship internships are job offers organized on behalf of the partner schools. We provide salary and advice on the accommodation they candidates can book, before they arrive in Peru. Temporary working visa is also sponsored. Read more on what is included here. Participating in this programme is FREE of cost.

Four-months teaching vacancies are available for the cohort of August 2023. Number of vacancies available: 4

* Last updated on January, 2023.



Program Overview

  • Work Days: Monday to Fridays.

  • Work Hours: Up to 30 hours per week, during regular school hours.

  • Program Dates: The program is run throughout the Peruvian academic year (March to December)

  • Program Duration: 4 OR 6 months. Please, check with VolunTeach Peru if 4 months opportunities are available.

  • School locations: Lima and Huaraz.


VTP parnter schools are mid-class private and reputable institutions that teach the English subject for an average of six and twelve hours weekly. They strongly appreciate the opportunity they are given to learn English first-hand with our volunteers in schools.  In line with our Health and Safety Agreement with partner universities in the UK, schools are located in safe and nice neighborhoods only.​

Application requirements

  • Native or fluent level of English language skills

  • University undergraduate or recent graduate (1 year limit)

  • Age limits: 18-23

  • Ability to work in teams

  • Excellent communication, leadership, collaboration and interpersonal skills

  • Really enthusiastic to work with children

  • To be mentally and physically fit

  • Sense of humour

  • Teaching experience or experience working with children are a bonus, not requirements.

  • TEFL Certificate (or the equivalent) is not an application requirement. However, candidates should obtain it or start the course with any company provider, when the application is announced succesful. 

  • Knowledge of Spanish is not a requirement.

  • Non native speakers of English are welcome to apply by submitting their IELTS (Academic) results, a 7.5 overall is required.

How to apply?

Before you apply make sure you have read the program information thoroughly and understand the terms and conditions of participation. 

  1. Fill out the online application form available on the website.

  2. Send us your CV and cover letter to

  3. We will reply back within 72 hours to invite you to take your application to the next stage.

* Note that only candidates that meet the application requirements criteria, will be contacted by VolunTeach Peru.

* Candidates contacted will be shortlisted for an interview with VolunTeach Peru.

​* Due to the limited number of vacancies, applications are responded to on a first-come-first serve basis.

* Additional documentation: Health report and International Child Protection Certificate are required when the application is announced succesful. Travel insurance is requested too.

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What is included?

1. Internship Arrangements​: 
VolunTeach Peru will arrange the internship placement for you at a  partner school. Placement details such as the school tour upon the volunteer's arrival, the classes and teachers they will support and schedules are organized beforehand.
2. Salary & additional benefits include,
  • A monthly net salary starting at USD$500 net per month [£405 approx.] which will the intern cover their meals and board. 

  • 30% of Government taxes are paid by the host school separately.

  • Temporary Working Visa sponsored by the partner school.

  • Additionally, transport or accommodation allowance may be provided.

  • National Health insurance: when Temporary Working Visa is issued.

3. Pre-Departure Support

You may have many questions before you arrive. Feel free to ask about every little detail you would like to know about Peru, the school, teaching role or travel plans in South America. 

4. Airport Pick-up in Lima

A VTP representative will welcome you at the airport in Lima city, and then transfer you to your selected temporary accommodation [non-Lima] placements. 

5. Accommodation advice

We are happy to provide the candidate with accommodation advice and potential options and before they arrive in Peru, so that they can have accommodation sorted beforehand.

5. In-service teacher training

It is compulsory for interns to attend the teaching training prior to the start date at the host school. Teaching training is conducted in the city of Lima, usually 1-2 days after the arrival.

​6. Program Completion Certificate

Issued by VolunTeach Peru and the partner school when the intern completes the program. In addition, a recommendation letter can be provided for future job applications. We are happy to do this anytime!

​7. Liability Insurance

VolunTeach Peru hires liability insurance as strictly required by the partner universities overseas. Note that liability insurance is not a travel insurance. Travel insurance must be provided by the partner university or organized by the student independently.​

​​8. Temporary Working Visa Orientation

VolunTeach Peru provides the intern with information on the Temporary Working Visa process.

9. Emergency support

Interns are advised to contact VolunTeach Peru should they find any difficulties in school or at any point during their stay in Peru.



The Internship program and Covid-19

1. When should I submit my application? 

Applications are received on a first come first served basis. Start dates are available in March, April, May and June 2023.

2. What is the duration of the programme?

Six months is the minimum required. We might open 4 months vacancies too, check with us first.

3. What locations are available? 

Locations ara available in the cities of Lima and Cajamarca.

4. ​Why do I need to submit additional documentation? 

Working with minor students require that VolunTeach Peru provides schools with documents that we can guarantee the academic background and personal traits of the volunteers recruited by VolunTeach Peru. A health report, university references, an International Protection Certificate and an introduction video are required.

5. Can I apply to the program if I am not physically or mentally healthy?

A health report is requested by VolunTeach Peru to the volunteer when the application is announced successful and this is a condition to they are physically and mentally fit to participate in the program and travel to Peru. Volunteers with medical conditions are evaluated on a particular basis, depending on the severity of their illnesses.

6. Can I apply to the program if I have criminal records?

Applicants with criminal records cannot apply to VolunTeach Peru. An International Child Protection Certificate is required to participate in this program.

7. Does VTP provide liability insurance?

Yes, liability insurance is provided as required by the partner universities so that they can help us promote our programs.

8. Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, although the job role includes national health insurance (when the Temporary Working Visa is issued), candidates must hire private travel insurance for Peru.

9. Will someone meet me at the airport when I arrive?

Yes, a VTP representative will pick you up at the airport in Lima when you arrive.

10What will I do?

The role is as a Teacher Assistant of English. Candidates co-teach in English in Early Years, Primary School or Secondary School. Se more about the role here.

11. How many hours will I teach?

Thirty hours per week.

12. I don’t have a TEFL Certification. Can I apply?

Yes. Candidates can apply without the TEFL Certificate. However, they must sign up for a TEFL course with any provider and obtain the certificate when the application is announced successful. Candidates must post the apostilled copy of the certificate 3 months before they arrive in Peru as it will be used for visa arrangement purposes too.

13​Do I need to pay a fee or contribution to VolunTech Peru?

No. Candidates do not pay any fee or contribution nor need to enrol on any course with VolunTeach Peru to be eligible to apply for the position. 

14. Will I get paid?

Yes, teaching assistants receive a monthly salary which will help them cover their accommodation and meals and other entertainment expenses in Peru.

15. Do I need a work visa? 

Yes. However, you do not need to worry about this now. The Temporary Working Visa is sponsored by the partner school upon the candidate`s arrival in school. A legal advisor will be assigned to accompany you along the whole process, to make it smoothly and stress-free for you.

16. When should I book flights? 

Although candidates may start looking into flights when their application is announced to be successful, we recommend doing so there months before the estimated arrival in Peru. Covid-19: The world continues evolving rapidly. Three months before you arrive is the frame of time we recommend for you to book flights.

17. What vaccinations do I need to get?  

We suggest that you contact a doctor for professional advice. However, yellow fever is recommended.

Covid-19: All volunteer participants will be requested to sign a Covid-19 symptoms Declaration upon their arrival in Peru. In addition, they are required to bring a copy of their vaccine proof or vaccine passport, as well as a negative Covid-19 test (PCR or Antigen Test)  issued no longer than 72 hours after their departure to Peru.

18. Will I have a school break between terms?

Yes, candidates are granted one week off in between each school break, except by the month of July where the winter break lasts two weeks.

The partner school

1. How are they like?

VolunTeach Peru partner schools are mid-class private institutions located in safe and nice areas. As part of our commitment with the partner universities who kindly help us promote our programs, the partner schools fully meet sanitary and safety standards.


The learning of English is in the top list of their priorities and goals. Consequently, VTP schools teach a wide range of hours of English weekly (6-10 hours) and sometimes teach other subjects such as Social Studies, Literature and Science using English as the first language of instruction.  Being English learning their priority, guarantees that schools will strongly appreciate our support, and enjoy sharing with our enthusiastic teaching assistants in class.

2. Will I receive orientation or support from the school?

A coordinator is nominated by the partner school to help the volunteer with academic and teaching matters for the time they will cooperate at the institution. Should you need additional support, you are always welcome to contact VolunTeach Peru also.

3. What are the students' ages and schools levels?

School students ages go from 4 years old and up to 17 years old in a few cases.

The teaching levels are Early Years (4 to 6 years old), Primary School (6 to 10 years old) and Secondary School (11 to 16 years old).

4. What is the level of English of students?

Expect a good level of English of our students. They receive English language instruction at an intense level according to their ages.

5. Is accommodation provided?

No. However, VolunTeach Peru will provide you with advice on these matters. We will help you find appropriate accommodation for your stay in Peru.

​​6. Do I need teaching experience?

​​Ideally yes. Despite we are open to receiving applications from candidates with no teaching experience, having it is an absolute advantage.

7. Will there be other teaching assistants with me in the same school?

​We like to place interns and volunteers together in the same school or in the same city. Exceptions may apply though.

Do you have more questions? Do not worry about it. We will be happy to answer them. Email us to:


Disclosure: We trust the professionalism and commitment of all candidates. VolunTeach Peru is one of the few organisations that does not charge a deposit fee in the way of proof to their commitment to the program as we strongly believe candidates should not pay for work.  In light of this, VolunTeach Peru encourages future applicants to apply ONLY if they are entirely sure they commit for the length of time agreed. Terminating your work contract with no apparent reasoning, SERIOUSLY affects the reputation of VolunTeach Peru with the partner schools and consequently, it interferes with that we collaborate and support them as promised.  Please, help us to continue operating on a cost-free basis.

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