International Teachers Recruitment


VolunTeach Peru [VTP] recruits qualified and/or experienced English native teachers for its partner schools for one or two-year contracts.   We agree to actively support our partners throughout the recruitment process.


  • Recruitment months:  September- February.

  • Contract duration: 1 or 2 academic years.

  • Working hours: 48 per week.

  • Schedule: Monday- Friday 7:40am to 4pm.


  • Native English fluency

  • Degree in Education or Teaching Certification [PGCE, PGDE]

  • Teaching experience is an advantage

  • Culturally adaptable

  • To be of sound health both physically and mentally

  • Eligible to obtain a Working Visa for Peru

  • Capable to obtain the Criminal Background check

  • Health Report [when vacancy is announced successful]

  • International Child Protection Certificate [when vacancy is announced successful]



  • To check the relevant qualifications of the candidate according to the person requirements for the vacancy post.

  • To request the candidate ID [passport].

  • To request a copy of most recent DBS or Police Check [if applicable]

  • To request letters of recommendation from two former employers or academic mentors/tutors.

  • Internet search on the candidate



  • Provide friendly and supportive work environment.

  • Sponsor the Working Visa for the candidate.

  • Provide a competitive salary. It may vary according to the candidate’s qualifications.

  • Provide a one or two-year contract of work.

  • Provide return flights for the candidate (desired).

  • Issue an Employment Certificate at the end of the teacher’s contract.



1. Partner School sends the teaching vacancy post form

2.     VolunTeach Peru pre-selects the candidate.

3.     Candidate is interviewed by VTP.

5.     VTP sends the candidate data to the partner school.

6.     The partner school interviews the candidate


If successful,


  1. VTP issues an offer letter for the candidate on behalf of the partner school. The letter must state:


  • Job description.

  • Terms and Conditions of the work contract.

  • Length of the work contract.

  • Copy of the work contract.

  • Salary and other benefits details: gross and net.

  • Working Visa details

  • Taxing Information

  • Accommodation allowance and/or Transport allowance [if applicable]

  • Holidays and annual leave allowance


NOTE: School must sponsor the Working Visa for the candidate, either before their arrival or upon their arrival in Lima.


  1. The candidate signs the letter of commitment with VolunTeach Peru.

  2. The partner school books flights to Peru for the candidate.

  3.  The candidate arrives in Lima two weeks before the first day of work.



  • Teacher candidate recruitment.

  • Presentation of the candidate at the partner school.

  • Orientation and acculturation seminar for the candidate.

  • Working visa orientation.

  • Accommodation advice for the candidate.