English Teaching Assistants

VolunTeach Peru is linked to universities in the UK. This permits us recruit undergraduates and recent graduates to cooperate in our affiliated schools as English Teaching Assistants. It is our aim to provide Peruvian pupils the invaluable opportunity to exchange British and Peruvian cultural aspects and share their classrooms with qualified and skillful English native speakers who are keen to make the lessons even more interactive and fun.

Teaching Assistants support the teacher of English in the classroom. They can lead speaking, reading, listening and writing activities. They can work with small groups of students to help them improve their language skills and increase their speaking confidence. If requested, they will be happy to also deliver presentations about their hometowns, universities and lifestyles.
Teaching Assistants are certainly an authentic resource of knowledge.
  • Volunteer English LanguageTeaching Assistants [free cost for all partner schools]
  • English Language Teaching Assistants [paid internship]


  • Native English fluency

  • International academic background

  • Undergraduate or recent graduate from a UK, USA, Canada or any other English speaking country.

  • Teaching experience is an advantage

  • Culturally adaptable

  • To be of sound health both physically and mentally

  • Capable to obtain the Criminal Background check

  • Health Report [when vacancy is announced successful]

  • International Child Protection Certificate [when vacancy is announced successful]


  1. Undergraduates or graduates apply from their home universities-mainly the UK- and submit initial documentation.

  2. VolunTeach Peru conducts and interview with the Language Assistant candidate.

  3. Candidate's application file is presented to the partner school.

  4. *Paid Internship Programme: Interviews the candidate separately too.

  5. The candidate participation is announced successful on an offer letter for the position of English Teaching Assistant.

  6. Candidates must submit the rest of documents required before their arrival in Peru: International Child Protection Certificate, Health Report, Emergency contacts details at home among others.

  7. VolunTeach Peru monitors and evaluates all candidates work during the whole teaching assistantship programme.

The Teaching Assistantship schemes are popular among UK universities graduates and undergraduates. VolunTeach Peru is proud to welcome talented and enthusiastic candidates from TOP universities every year and who get involved and support schools in their active role of English Language Assisstants.

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