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A downloadable version is also available here, please send the attachment to:

Before submitting your application:  Make sure you have read and understood the application requirements, program descriptions individually. Programs are available along the Peruvian Academic Year, between March and November, excluding three weeks off schools during winter break in July.

1. The Teaching Assistant Experience (volunteering)
2. The Teaching Assistantship Internship (paid role)
3. Qualified Teaching Opportunity (paid role)

Candidates applying to online teaching opportunities should submit cv and letter of intentions to: ***Subject: Online Tutoring Application***

Due to the great number of applications VolunTeach Peru receives throughout the year, the selection process has become very competitive. Applicants must complete all fields of the form and are encouraged to provide us with as much information as possible, related to their teaching experience or previous work with students. If no answer, then write n/a.