Application Gudelines

Start dates are only available along the Peruvian academic year: From March to December. We recommend you to read the following application guidelines to better understand the application process and pre-arrival stages:

Before you apply

Make sure you have read the information displayed on the website and the Teaching Assistant Experience Programme, including the volunteering role at the partner school and fee involved.  

Stage 1

  •  Fill out the online application form.

  • Send us your CV, cover letter and recent formal photo of yourself to info@volunteachperu.com

  • A VTP Representative will email respond within 48 hours should your work experience and academic background matches the requirements.



Stage 2

  • Successful applicants will be shortlisted and contacted by email to arrange a Skype interview.

  • Provide two referees contact details.

  • Fill out the Application Essay Form [2* Months Programme]

  • Confirmation of your application status within the next 5-7 days.

When your application is announced successful

You will have between 4 to 12 weeks to submit the requirements of the following documents:

  1. Complete the application fee payment to register your participation. 

  2. Provide a university headed letter of Reference.

  3. Provide a letter of Reference from your Secondary school [2* months programmes].

  4. Passport copy.

  5. Two emergency contact details: parents and or siblings.

  6. Apply for the Child Protection Certificate  (http://www.acro.police.uk/icpc/)

  7. Ask your doctor to fill out the Health Report for you.

  8. Produce an Introduction video for your host school and host family.

  9. Send VTP your flights' booking confirmation to Peru.

Before you arrive:

  • Send us a copy of the full details of your Travel Insurance Policy.

  • Complete the Programme Fee payment [2-3 months before you arrive in Peru].

  • You will receive the Information Pack containing your Host School(s) & Host Family (s) data within other pre-departure additional information, so you can start the contact with them and then organize a video call on Skype or Whatsapp.

  • Get ready and start packing! We will meet you up at the airport.