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IMPORTANT:If you are applying to the volunteering Teaching Assistant Experience the following dates are available:

  • ​Option 1: June 13th to July 16th CLOSED

  • Option 2: June 13th to September CLOSED

  • Option 3: August 6th to December 6th CLOSED

  • Option 4: August 6th to September 10th OPEN

  • Option 5: August 6th to October 8th OPEN

  • Option 6: August 27th to September 28th OPEN.



Make sure you are applying to the correct programme and that you understand that these are only open during the Peruvian Academic year, between the months of March to December.

1. The Teaching Assistant Experience (voluntary): https://www.volunteachperu.com/teaching-assistant-experience-volun

2. The Teaching Assistantship Internship (paid role): https://www.volunteachperu.com/teaching-assistantship-internship-p

3. Qualified Teaching Opportunities: https://www.volunteachperu.com/qualified-teachers-vacancies-paid

The Teaching Assistant Experience is available for 1, 2 , 3 and 4 months.

* ​The Teaching Assistantship Internship requires a minimum commitment of 6 months and occasionally 4.