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Join us in our dream of education for all.

 VolunTeach Peru is an educational social enterprise, professionals and a family working in the English Language Teaching field since 1999. As a social business model, VolunTeach Peru is committed to creating a positive impact in our schools' community.

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Our Mission

VolunTeach Peru is an education social enterprise that delivers English teaching programs, by connecting British university students to schools across the country.

VolunTeach Peru was founded in 1999. We are a hard working family with over 25 years of experience in education. VolunTeach Peru aims at delivering genuine English teaching and cultural experiences in schools throughout the country.

Why was VolunTeach Peru founded?  Peru needs to learn English, we all do! We strongly believe English can be a powerful tool to access better opportunities in life. However, the chances teachers and students have to travel overseas, learn English and practice it first hand are not only limited but also expensive. Then, if we cannot go out to see the world, why not bring the world to us whilst we organize unforgettable cultural experiences for them too? This is how VolunTeach Peru was born. 


Today, VolunTeach Peru cooperates with 27 schools in the Coast, Andes and Amazon regions, and in all levels of school education: Early Years, Primary and High School. Along all these years, we have seen thousands of students and teachers improve their English with us, by regular interaction with enthusiastic native and fluent speakers of English who visit us from Anglophone countries every year, and who and get involved in classes as volunteers or interns, in the role of facilitators of the English language.

As for the impact of VolunTeach Peru abroad, we are proudly endorsed to reputable universities overseas, mainly in the UK. Having ambassadors in most of them, allows us to spread our philosophy and continue encouraging new and more students, graduates and international teachers to travel, discover the beauty of our country, expand their careers prospects and join us in this dream of education for all.

These young leaders recruited by VolunTeach Peru are warmly welcomed and trained by the team, upon their arrival in Lima city.  Teacher training sessions provide them with the tools and resources to help us enhance the speaking and listening competencies of Peruvian teachers and students both; in and outside of the classroom setting whilst we can all enjoy an authentic cultural exchange with them. It is also an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures, tolerance and respect for customs and traditions different to our own. 

Thank you for reading all the way here.

We appreciate it.

The VTP Family

Our Story

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Lucy Castanon

VolunTeach Peru Founder



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Primary Programmes Supervisor


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