VolunTeach Peru was founded in 1999 by Lucy Castanon and her family in the Andes city of Huaraz and then reinvented by Shadia; her daughter in 2010. Lucy is  an experienced Peruvian Teacher of English and Shadia is a Journalist and Educational social entrepreneur. They founded the Organisation with the aim to deliver a good quality of English teaching & learning in schools. After working for a long time for a British Volunteering Company, Lucy and Shadia decided to set up VolunTeach Peru as a social and family run educational entrepreneurship. Today,  it cooperates with 27 schools in the three regions of the country: Coast, Andes and Amazon, and in all levels of school education: Early Years, Elementary and High School.

In schools, more than 13, 000 Peruvian pupils have seen their English improved and have met other cultures by regular interaction with enthusiastic native/fluent speakers of English and young leaders who visit us and get involved in class. as active facilitators of the language.


They are warmly welcomed and trained to conduct activities which enhance the speaking and listening competences of our teachers and pupils in and outside of the classroom. In addition, schools get the amazing opportunity to learn about cultural awareness, tolerance and respect for customs and traditions different to our own. 

"We are an educational social enterprise, professionals and a family working in the English Language Teaching field since 1999".

Peruvian Teachers have limited opportunities to learn and put their English into practice abroad. Thus, our programmes give them the opportunity to learn it in-house and first-hand thanks to the exposure to anglophone cultures in their classes. Along these years, around 300 Peruvian teachers of English have been trained by VolunTeach Peru on learning strategies, differentiated instruction, classroom management, among others. Why not contributing with their professional development too!

As for the impact of VolunTeach Peru abroad, we are endorsed to high standard reputable universities mainly in the UK, having ambassadors allows us to spread the ethos of VolunTeach Peru. They encourage undergraduates and graduates to travel, discover the beauty of the country, expand their careers prospects with us and join us in this dream of teaching English to all.

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