English is the language of the world. You can use it everywhere to communicate with others, no matter what nationalities they are. Learning a second language is the key for success. It will enrich your career and increase your employability options.

English is the most common language used in the manufacturing, service, tech and media industries. If you are able to speak English and understand it, there is no need to use translators or subtitles when watching movies, singing songs, traveling abroad not even when reading installation instructions of things you buy in your regular life basis.

More opportunities in life.

As a college or university student you will always be in a better and more competitive position if you speak a second language. The English language will help you to obtain academic opportunities abroad either for undergraduate, masters or PHD programmes.

If you are looking for professional development, being bilingual will make your profile and CV look more interesting and depending on your level of knowledge, more appealing for international employers and recruitment agencies.