VolunTeach Peru was founded in 1999 by Lucy Castanon;  an experienced Peruvian Teacher of English and her family,with the aim to deliver good quality of English teaching & learning and a positive impact in schools throughout the country.

We promote the importance and power of learning English in the world today, contributing to enrich the language acquisition process of teachers and pupils and approaching English speaking cultures to the classrooms.

VolunTeach Peru cooperates with 25 schools in the three regions of the country: Coast, Andes and Amazon, and in all levels of school education: Early Years, Primary and Secondary. There, more than 13, 000 Peruvian pupils have seen their English improved and have met new cultures thanks to the meaningful interaction with enthusiastic foreign English speaking young leaders who get involved in schools with an authentic input and believe in the aims of VolunTeach Peru. They are welcomed and trained to conduct activities which enhance the speaking and listening competences of our teachers and pupils in and outside of the classroom. In addition, schools can learn about cultural awareness, tolerance and respect for customs and traditions different to our own. 

Peruvian Teachers have limited opportunities to learn English abroad but we give them the opportunity to learn it first-hand thanks to the exposure of English speaking cultures in their classrooms. Similarly, around 300 Peruvian teachers of English have received accurate teaching training from us on learning strategies, differentiated instruction, classroom management, among others; to help them enhance their professional development too.

As for the impact of VolunTeach Peru abroad, it is endorsed by high standard universities in the UK, having ambassadors in most of them who spread the ethos of VolunTeach Peru and encourage undergraduates and graduates to join us in this dream of English education for all; whilst they can also expand their careers prospects in schools with us.

The VTP Family.
Lima, Peru.

We are an educational organisation, professionals and a family working in the English Language Teaching field since 1999.