Become a VTP Host School

VolunTeach Peru is affiliated to private, bilingual and IB schools. Our programmes promote a global education model and international perspective understanding.

Services VolunTeach Peru provides to its partner schools.

  • ELT Training
  • ELT consultancy
  • Teachers recruitment
  • English Teaching Assistants

Partner schools locations.

  • Lima
  • Huaraz
  • Chiclayo
  • Cajamarca
  • Piura
  • Tarapoto
  • Iquitos
  • Arequipa

Partnership benefits

As a partner school your students and teacher get the opportunity to:

  • Expand their knowledge about different cultures, new cultures lifestyles and traditions.
  • Learn English from a native speaker.
  • Improve their speaking confidence.
  • Meet British individuals with excellent academic backgrounds.
  • Share their classroom with teachers and teaching assistants.
  • One free-cost teaching training for the English staff.
  • ELT consultancy  (if requested).

What to provide

  • A friendly work environment.
  • A supportive staff of English Teachers.
  • An appropriate teaching timetable according to the chosen programme and candidate´s qualificatiions.
  • The School´s Codes of Conduct and Dress.
  • A coordinator we can regularly contact.
  • A completion certificate for the candidates.

Partner schools co-ordinators 

They represent the host school and in most of the cases, Heads of English or Academic Deputy Heads. Proactive and highly motivated educators willing to learn and contribute to the success of this wonderful experience:

  • They fully understand the aim of the VTP Programmes and adhere to our passion for education philosophy.
  • They actively work on preparing meaningful lessons for students
  • They mantain regular contact con VTP and issue a report at the end of the year.
  • They are keen to attend teaching trainings and workshops organized by VolunTeach Peru.

Contact us

If you are potentially interested in becoming a partner school, e-mail us to: Don´t forget to send us the Head of English or Academic Director contact details of the school.