Become a VTP Host Family

Many of our partner schools´ host families have participated in the VTP Programme along the years.  The experience of hosting foreign students gives you the opportunity to broaden your knowledge about other cultures, start an endless friendship and of course to improve your children´s English at home.  Certainly, it is the easiest way to learn it! Our qualified students and participants are recruited from their universities abroad with much care. They have academic and learning purposes for being in Peru teaching with us.  We are committed to look after them and monitor them since they arrive in Peru and until they go back to their countries.


What for? -Hosting benefits

  • To exchange, experience and share both the British and Peruvian cultures at home.
  • To improve your children´s speaking and confidence in English at home.  It is even easier to learn the language when you do it in a familiar and friendly environment.
  • Host Families are ambassadors of Peru; they must be keen to show the student more about traditions, tourist places, food, etc.
  • The experience of living with an undergraduate of a top university in the UK is invaluable. It will help you open your horizons, to better understand other education systems and shall inspire your children to go and study abroad in the future.
  • Build a new and endless friendship!


What to provide?

Family environment:  Students understand host families are not hostels. They expect them to be their real families while in Peru. As a family run organisation, this is the first and most important condition to participate in the programme.

Family quality time: To be able to spend some free and quality family time with the students so both, you and they have the chance to interact and exchange cultural aspects together. Host families should be keen to share their lives as much as they can with the new family member.

Meals:  The best food is the one we get at home. In most of the cases, students don´t have food restraints.  If so, VTP will inform the host family in advance whether they are vegetarian or have other dietary preferences.

Accommodation:  A clean room at home. If this is shared with a family member, host families must inform VTP beforehand (restrictions may apply).

Laundry: Host Families can help the student once a week with their laundry. However, we recommend families to teach them how to use the washing machine at home.

The VTP teacher/teaching assistant profile

Undergraduates participant attend university abroad and English is their mother tongue. Their ages are between 19 and 26 years old. They participate voluntarily in the English Teaching Assistant Experience Programme from one and up to 5 months.

The recruitment processes take us between three and 9 months for every student accepted in the programme. It is a very long time but absolutely necessary to validate the students’ academic qualifications and skills they are requested to have to be able to teach English in our partner schools.

The students VTP recruits are NOT backpackers. They have an academic purpose in the country, either to expand their careers prospects, to obtain some international teaching experience or as part of their mandatory universities third year abroad schemes. They are monitored at all times.



Requirements for host families.

Partner schools help VolunTeach Peru pre-selecting appropriate host families for the programme. To participate, host families must:

  • Be keen to make feel the student at home, as another family member.
  • Have at least one family member who speaks English to communicate with the student at home.
  • Provide a clean room.
  • Understand the nature and language-learning benefits of the programme. Host families must understand the student´s responsibilities at school.
  • Be keen to learn about new cultures..
  • Be keen to shares with the students Peruvian cultural aspects.
  • Obtain a formal letter of recommendation by the partner school.

FAQ: We invite you read the following FAQ carefully and learn more about what to be a VTP host family implies.


Recruitment guidelines

  • Potential host families need to attend the information session delivered by VolunTeach Peru at the partner school.
  • Potential host families should be interviewed by the partner school and obtain the recommendation letter or approval.
  • The host families selected should be interviewed by VolunTeach Peru (if applicable) and attend the information session II at the partner school.


We are always happy to hear from new and welcoming Peruvian families.  You just need your children to be studying in any of our partner schools. If so, we invite you to send us a message to: