Become a VTP Host Family

Around sixty host families participate in the Teaching Assistant Experience Programme every year.  The experience of hosting our enthusiastic language assistants provide them the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of anglophone speaking cultures, make bonds with them and surely improve their children’s English at home.  It is a natural and easy way to learn it. Participants are recruited from their universities abroad with much care. Their goal of visiting Peru and taking part in our projects is to get an international work/volunteering experience and develop their teaching skills.


What are the hosting benefits?

  • The opportunity to exchange cultural aspects at home. 
  • Help your children to improve their speaking skills in English, expand their vocabulary and confidence in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Become an in-site ambassador of Peru and our culture. Share family traditions, Peruvian cuisine, dances, celebrations.
  • Learn about top ranked universities abroad and students life. This may inspire your children to study abroad.
  • Start an endless friendship! Don’t miss the chance to meet them again should you travel abroad someday.

What to provide?

A real Family environment:  Participants understand host families are not hostels. On the contrary, they are much interested in living in a real family environment. VolunTeach Peru, as a family oriented organisation, we consider this to be the most important requirement to participate in the programme.

Good quality family time: We are aware parents work Monday to Friday and arrive in the evenings. However, host families’ children must be willing to spend their free time with the participant at home, as a big sister or brother. On the weekends, parents are encouraged to make the most of the experience including the participant in their family plans and activities.

Meals:  Mostly, participants don’t have food restrictions. If so, we inform the host family beforehand, of the dietary restrictions or their ethical food choices [veganism or vegetarianism] 

Accommodation:  A clean room at home. If this is shared with a family member, host families must inform VTP beforehand (restrictions may apply).

Laundry: Host Families can help with the laundry once a week. However, we recommend families to teach them to use the washing machine instead.

The Volunteer Teaching Assistant

  • Volunteers are university students or graduates.
  • Their mother tongue is usually English.
  • Ages are between 19 and 24 years old and participate in the programme for 1 and up to 5 months.
  • The recruitment processes take us between 3 and 9 months for every student that applies to the programme. We are aware it can be a long time. However, it is vital that we validate their academic background and soft skills.
  • Participants are not backpackers. They have an academic purpose for being in the country.

Requirements for host families.

To participate they must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Willingness to make the volunteer feel like at home, as another family member.
  • Eager children to learn English and act as brothers/sisters for the volunteer.
  • At least one family member able to communicate in English with the volunteer.
  • Provide a clean room.
  • Understand the nature and language-learning benefits of the programme. Host families must understand the student´s responsibilities at school.
  • Be keen to learn about new cultures..
  • Be keen to shares with the students Peruvian cultural aspects.

Recruitment guidelines

  • Attend the information session at the partner school.
  • Submit your application.
  • Attend the interview.
  • Submit participation documents.
  • Organize a Skype videocall with the volunteer so you can meet them more closely before they arrive.
  • Get ready for them to arrive!