When should I submit my application?  Applications for summer and year abroad 2016-17 are now opened. We recruit up to 50 students per year.

What is the duration of the programme? From 1 up to 5 months.

What cities are available? Schools are located in the cities of Lima, Huaraz, Chiclayo, Piura, Tarapoto, Iquitos, Arequipa.

What are the teaching ages and levels in Peru? Early Years (4 to 6 years old), Lower (6 to 10 years old) and Upper School (11 to 16 years old).



When can I start? The academic year in Peru starts in February and finishes in December. However, the popular months to start the programme are March, May, June, August and September.

Do I need a work visa? No, this programme is not a contract of work. Tourist visa is ok under this scheme.

Is Peru safe to travel? It is, as far as you follow our recommendations. VTP recommends and places all candidates in nice and safe areas.

Do I need a travel insurance? Yes, all students must bring one.

Does VTP provide a liability insurance? Yes, we do provide this insurance to all candidates. Check with your university whether you need a copy of this policy. We are happy to forward it to them.

What vaccinations do I need to get?  Yellow fever vaccinations and malaria tablets only if your placement is in the jungle.

When should I book my flights? As soon as you receive the “Welcome toVTP message” containing the programme dates.

Can I come to Peru with a friend? Yes, you may even be placed in the same city and school.

Do I need to speak Spanish? It is not a requirement. You will have plenty of time to learn and practice your Spanish here!.

Will someone meet me at the airport when I arrive? Yes, a VTP Reperesentantive will pick you up at the airport.

How are host families selected? The following are the steps for pre-selecting and selecting most of the host families:

a)    They must attend the information session delivered by VTP.

b)     Successfully approved the interview with a VTP Representative.

c)     They must obtain the recommendation by the host school.

d)     They should attend the Orientation Seminar in the host school or via Skype. 

I would rather not to live with a host family. Can you recommend me additional accommodation options?

Yes,we are happy to do that. However, keep in mind private accommodation in nice and safe areas might be considerably more expensive.

Do I have to complete a programme fee?  Yes, only this programme requires a programme fee.  it is a one-off payment, considerably reasonable compared to other organisations abroad and all what we do for you. Please, visit the “Why pay for the Programme” section of the website for further information.