The Programme

  1. How does it work?

Candidates choose one of the positions advertised on the Teaching Vacancies section of the website, fill out the  APPLICATION-FORM, send us the cv and cover letter to:

A VTP Representative will contact the candidate should their professional experience matches the position requirements

A first Skype interview will be arranged with us and then with the host school. The host school may request for a third interview if applicable.

2. How long can I teach?

The minimum commitment is one academic year: from February to December.

3. Do I need to be a qualified teacher?

Ideally yes. TESOL, CELTA PGCE teachers are welcome to apply.

4. What can I teach?

Candidates can teach English, either in Early Years, Primary or Secondary schools. Other teaching subjects may be available too, such as; Science, Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Literature.

5. Where will I teach?

The programme is available in the cities of Lima and Cajamarca.

6. Do I have to pay VolunTeach Peru?

Candidates do not pay any fee nor contribution to VolunTeach Peru.

7. Do I need to speak Spanish?

No. Spanish is a not a requirement.

8. Is accommodation advice provided?

Yes. We will give you information on some accommodation options before you arrive in Peru.

9. Will someone meet me at the airport?

Yes, a VTP Representative will meet you at the airport upon your arrival.

Working Visa

  1. Do I need a Working Visa?

Yes. However, the host school is responsible for paying and arranging the working visa for you.

2. What are the requirements for the Working Visa?

You will need to post VolunTeach Peru the apostilled copy of your Degree or Teaching Qualification and passport copy.  The Peruvian Inmigrations Office may take around 4 and 8 weeks to process the visa request.

3. When do I sign the contract with the host school?

Candidates sign the contract when they arrive in Peru.

4. Do I need to have the criminal records check?

Yes. As an overseas organisation we are unable to request one for you. You must apply for the International Child Protection Certificate:

Schools in Peru

  1. How are schools in Peru like?

VTP partner schools are private and teach 8 to 12 hours of English per week. Some of them follow an international curriculum.

2. What is the dress code for school in Peru?

The dress code for teachers is smart casual. Piercings, tattoos should be concealed at all times.

3. What is the level of English in schools?

VTP partner schools work very hard to improve the teaching & learning of the language of their pupils and teachers. Their English level is acceptable in Primary and outstanding  in most of the Secondary schools.