The Paid Teaching Assistantship Programme

When should I submit my application?

Ideally between the months of August and January.

When can I start?

You can start the programme in the months of March, May, June and August.

How long can I take part in the programme?

From 6 and up to 9 months. The academic year in Peru starts in March and finishes in December.

What will I do?

The role is as an English Teacher Assistant. You are expected to co-teach in English in Early Years, Primary or Secondary Schools.

How many hours will a teach?

30 hours weekly, including lesson planning with head teachers.

I don’t have a TEFL Certification. Is this a problem?

No. You can obtain the TEFL qualification after we send you our Offer Letter on behalf of the partner school. You will need to post the apostilled copy of your certificate 1-3 months before you arrive in Peru. TEFL Certification may be used for visa purposes.

Do I need to pay a fee or contribution to VolunTech Peru?

NO. Candidates do not pay any fee nor need to enroll to any course with VolunTeach Peru to be eligible to apply for the position. 

This means we trust your professionalism and commitment. VolunTeach Peru is one of the very few TEFL organisations that does not charge a fee. Thus, we encourage you, that if not sure of taking part in this programme, don´t do it. Interrupting your contract with no apparent reasoning HIGHLY affects the reputation of VolunTeach Peru with the partner schools and consequently, to continue supporting them.

Do I need teaching experience?

Ideally yes. Although we are opened to receive applications from candidates with no teaching background; it is an advantage.

What skills are required for the vancancy?

Lots of enthusiasm, genuine commitment and excellent communication skills. 

  • University graduate OR
  • Undergraduate on year abroad.
  • Native level of English language skills.
  • Teaching experience an advantage
  • Creative, communicative, able to interact with school ages.

Will I get paid?

Yes, teaching assistants receive a monthly salary which will help you cover your accommodation and board whilst in Peru.

 What is the level of English of students?

Our partner schools are private. They teach at least 8 hours of English a week. The pupils’ English vary from level to level. 

Is accommodation provided?

No. However, VolunTeach Peru will provide you advice on this. We can help you find an appropriate accommodation for your stay in Peru.

What type of visa do I need?

School will arrange the Temporary Working Visa for you. Candidates arriving in 2019 will need to obtain it in their home-country prior to their arrival in Peru.

What are the requirements for the Temporary Working Visa?

The apostilled copy of your Degree or Teaching Qualification, passport copy within other documentation.  Process may take between 2 -3 months.

Where does the teaching assistantship programme take place?

It takes place in the cities of Lima and Cajamarca. Eventually, positions can be available at other locations too.

Do you need more information? That is ok! Request an information brochure or drop us a message: